Mannequins Sell More than Clothing

Even if clothing is not your specialty, the mannequins and forms at M. Fried Store Fixtures could work for your displays. Certainly, clothing retailers cannot operate without an array of mannequins, but consider this important display element, no matter what you sell.

For instance, if you sell china and kitchen products, you could display a table utilizing different place settings and products each day with realistic mannequins seated at the table or preparing food with kitchen appliances. Realistic family models will evoke a sense of hominess, while younger, trendier models can portray chic, metropolitan living, and so on.

If you sell toys, consider lifelike children’s models posed with different toys, in different phases of play. Pet products could be displayed with our models and the help of a stuffed pet being walked, or brushed, or playing.

Craft stores can use models to display finished objects—consider sweaters, shawls, socks, gloves, and hats in your knitting shop. Perhaps a duo at a table creating a floral display or making cards if crafts are your specialty. Outfit models in gloves and gardening aprons surrounded by pots, flowers, and bags of peat. Show your customers what your products do and you will draw them in.

Athletic suppliers could use a variety of mannequins to display products in all phases of play, showcasing clothing, accessories, shoes, and game supplies. For instance, use your display window to showcase fishing supplies with a model outfitted in fishing gear, holding a fishing pole, and with a tackle box filled with store items.

By incorporating a recognizable human element and utilizing displays to create changing vignettes, you keep that interest continually drawn. Drawing interest drives sales and increases profits.

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