Maximize Space with Racks

If your store specializes in hanging apparel, then you need racks. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have a large array of Racks & Systems for all of your hanging items such as coats, jackets, shirts, blouses, sweaters, even hats.

2-Arm Racks are a great option for smaller displays that you can set apart, but near other racks and come in a variety of options such as mirrored chrome and black wrinkle finish and in semi-rectangular and square two-way straight and slant arm rack choices. Our 4-Arm Racks are available in chrome or black wrinkle and come in semi-rectangular or square 4-way straight, slant, and straight/slant; rectangular 4-arm capacity and high capacity; and 4-arm folding space-saver.

Box Racks are a great way in which to create long aisles with hanging from both sides. Our Double Rail Box Rack with V-Brace works well with its sturdy round tubing and convenient height adjustment every three inches from 48 to 66 inches in height. A reinforced ā€œVā€ brace in the center of the rack adds durability. Add hangrails, sign holders, and basket toppers to increase display options.

Our Round Racks are decorative and functional, constructed with round hangrails, and available in 36- and 43-inch diameters. Height is adjustable every three inches from 48 to 72 inches. The round rack with rectangular hangrails comes in black wrinkle or chrome in a 36-inch diameter, providing nine feet of hanging space in a 36-inch square of floor space. Easy set up and break down makes it a breeze to move this displayer around your store.

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