Mens “Rigging” some things never change

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     Display has changed greatly over time, “Branding” has highjacked much of what I consider the  traditional skills that I learned as a young man from old school window trimmers.  The one aspect of Visual Merchandising that has survived is mens suit “rigging” which is the term used for fitting a suit or shirt to a display form. Butt sagging jeans and team jerseys have no baring on making an expensive men’s business suit look ” flawless” or as they say ” bounce a quarter off  the front of that shirt”. No amount of skillful digital photo manipulation can replace the look of the real thing, lit to death standing there in a window display.



As the years have passed I have encountered just about every category of product that retail has to offer and all the cyclical change in fashion that designers can come up with to sell their wares. The one category that still has a link with the past is traditional men’s clothing. Whether the vogue is 2 button, 3 button, double breasted, shawl, peak or notch they all require careful attention to the tailors art of detail.


I consider myself lucky to have a few  men’s clients for longer than I care to remember. During the almost intolerable crush of the holiday season, when I finally get to my mens display I feel like I’m home. This year my tuxedo account won the trifecta of display. The” Jersey Boys” is opening next door at the Forrest theatre, Jerry Blavatt, Phillies local legend of music is conducting his bio-book signing in the store [Dick Clark wrote the forward] and it’s Christmas. What a handful that was.


The Geator


Take a look and of course it’s still not finished…..

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