Mind Your Manners

Be sure to make your customers feel welcome and remember to say thank you. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have a number of ways to help you greet and thank your customers in simple, cost-effective ways. Consider a plastic bag.

If you are looking to brighten your customer’s day, consider our Happy Face High Density T-Shirt Bags (Item BG1121HF) with a large smiley face and a pleasant greeting and thank you. Wish your customers a nice day every time they leave your shop with these attractive, high-density, polyethylene plastic bags.

If you prefer to say Thank You, we offer High Density “Thank You” T-Shirt Bags (Item BG1121TY), which are a great way to thank your customers with a white bag and red lettering. These bags are as durable as they are attractive and are made of high-density plastic. Item P578 offers multiple Thank Yous in a different font and is constructed of high density, polyethylene plastic in two popular sizes. You can also say thank you in our Low Density “Thank You” T-Shirt Bags (Item TYBAGLD) with a single, scripted Thank You in red on a white bag constructed of 1 mil. plastic.

If thank you is your message, we also offer two different multi-language thank you bags: Our Multi-Language “Thank You” Loop Handle Bags (Item P203) and our Multi-Language “Thank You” Patch Handle Bags (Item P204). Both the loop handle and patch handle bags are printed with Thank You in a variety of languages and are constructed with a supportive cardboard in the top and bottom for the loop handle bag and on the button for the gusseted patch handle bag.

Whatever your choice, remember that these bags can also be reused for a variety of purposes after your customers leave your store, reminding them of their shopping experience long after they’ve left.

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