Mix and Match

Gondola shelving, a mainstay in just about every retail and wholesale store, is not just for display purposes, although gondola shelving is a wonderful way in which to show off your products, especially if your store offers a larger range of items. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, you can easily use our gondola shelving for both display and storage.

Offered in a massive array of colors, sizes, and finishes and with a large choice of accessories, we have everything you need to display and store your inventory in many, many ways. Choose different styles for your display area and use more utilitarian shelving for your storage area. Or, keep the theme running through every area of your store. The choice is always yours and we are always on hand to help you from choice to install and will work within your time frame and budget and to meet the needs of your unique store.

Used in collaboration with showcases, gondolas enable you to display products beautifully and effectively. For instance, place the bulk of your products on gondolas throughout your space and display special, rare, or costly items in displayers where they can be shown off and kept safe. Sale items and other specials work well in displayers when you want to set off products, drawing attention to specific products and areas.

Bringing customers’ attention to a smaller area in your store can help you to achieve important face time with your customers and allow to become more comfortable with your shop.

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