Mix it Up with Glass and Baskets

We’ve been talking about the many gondola shelving and accessory options offered at M. Fried Store Fixtures, all made to ensure that you offer your customers diverse, attractive, and effective displays.

If you’re looking to incorporate glass into your gondola shelving, we off a Gondola Glass Shelf Assembly (Item P082), which includes left and right shelf brackets that can be positioned at zero degrees straight or a 15-degree downslant. The assembly also comes with a glass support bar that will enable the shelf to hold up to 40 pounds per shelf. These shelves are durable, attractive, and unobtrusive, and are especially effective when you are looking to display objects on a discreet reflective surface. These shelves also showcase glass, crystal, porcelain, ceramic, china, and metal items beautifully.

Why not mix up your gondola shelves and include some baskets? Our gondola Shelf Brackets are constructed for pegboard and wooden shelves: Pegboard Shelf Brackets (Item P116) come in versatile and attractive chrome; Wood Shelf Brackets (P517) are used with melamine wood shelves. Extra Heavy Duty Wall Mount Uprights (Item WMUP96) are meant for use as wall mount uprights instead of gondola wall units and easily expand your gondola display options.

We offer a huge assortment of Gondola and Peg Baskets for your gondola display and work beautifully with many, many products and help you casually display a lot of items in a small space, especially items that are smaller, off-size, or that do not work well with the organization of shelf displays.

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