More Acrylic Slat Shelving to Create Interesting Displays

We’ve been talking this week about the many acrylic accessories at M. Fried Store Fixtures that are meant for use in our expansive Slatwall lines and we have even more options to discuss today.

Acrylic is such a great display option because of its clean lines and its ability to seamlessly blend with any display décor. Buy a few of each of our Slat Acrylic and Plexi Shelves and mix and match them throughout your slatwall paneling and merchandiser displayers. They work well with all slatwall accessories and really help you maintain customer interest in the product lines you display throughout your store.

For instance, consider our Slat Acrylic Utility Shelves (Item P395), which are constructed of 3/16-inch acrylic with flamed edges or our Slat Display Trays (Item P415), also made of 3/16-inch-thick acrylic and which are eight inches in depth and two inches high. Their unique size works great when displayed with shelving of other sizes and easily expands your display options.

The M. Fried Store Fixture’s Slat Flat Shelf with Lip (Item SW2056E) is another small item shelf displayer that is constructed of 3/32-inch-thick acrylic and has a flat shelf with a one-inch lip to protect smaller, more delicate items from falling.

Our Slat Display Shelves (Item P465) are 3/32 inches in thickness and enables display of smaller items while the Slat Acrylic J-Shelves (Item P466) are constructed with a sloped back, are constructed of a sturdy 1/8-inch acrylic, and are two inches in depth with a two and one-half-inch front and three and one-half-inch back. This clever display shelf also works well to increase variety and display unusual items. Buy a few and place them throughout your slatwall displayers.

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