More Choices for Slatwall Shelving

We have been discussing the many choices you have when you choose M. Fried Store Fixtures’ slatwall as your store’s displayer option and at M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have many choices to ensure that you have effective, original, durable displays.

In addition to a wide array of accessories for use with our slatwall, we also offer many other nonslatwall choices that work well with slatwall and enhance your store’s interior, enabling a smooth and comfortable shopping experience that will keep customers coming in time and time again. Take a look at our Slat Shelf Brackets, which work with our slatwall lines of panels, displayers, and accessories.

Slatwall Adjustable Shelf Brackets (Item P011) offer another interesting option with which to create shelf displays with adjustable metal shelf brackets that have a lip to ensure a secure hold while also adjusting from straight to a variety of angles including 15, 30, and 45 degrees. These brackets work with many of our shelves such as bullnose plastic, glass, and wire.

The Floater Shelf Support for Melamine Shelves (Item P455) is practically invisible and offers a creative 48-inch metal extrusion support for ¾-inch laminated shelves, while the Floater Shelf Support for Glass Shelves (Item P456) offers the same option for 3/8-inch glass shelves.

The Slatwall Acrylic Adjustable Shelf Bracket (Item D2112E) is a 12-inch long bracket made for acrylic slatwall shelves. Also made for acrylic shelves are Slatwall Acrylic Shelf Brackets (Item P010).

If you need additional support for heavier items, consider our chrome Supports for Slatwall Blade Brackets (Item P012), which tighten to the bracket with set screws and offer an angled arm fitting in the slatwall groove.

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