New liquor store design

Your dream of opening the neighborhood’s nicest and trendiest liquor store has finally become a reality. However, becoming a proprietor isn’t only about ordering cases of Jack Daniels and Grey Goose, and those cute-looking shot glasses. When building any retail store, and especially one that sells expensive fragile items, you need to incorporate safe and sturdy design into your entire process.


You want to work with a store design team and gondola-shelving supplier that has lots of experience in your industry; you don’t want any unpleasant surprises, especially when your items for sale are high end liquor.  You may also have a particular color pattern that you want to use, or specific rounding needs. Another matter to keep in mind is smart storage options. With retail design moving towards a “less is more” store set up, you want to take advantage of innovative shelving and fixtures design.


In the photos above you can see the special job we did for one of our many satisfied customers. The shelving units we installed for them included a special focus on easy-to-change price tags, flexible dividers, and specialized overhead storage.


If you have retail dreams or feel like your current store can use a tune-up, contact our experts today.