New Website Design

Thank you for visiting our website, as you can see we have just redesigned our entire site. Over the next few days we will be working on fine tuning the website. Please excuse our appearance for the time being while we tie up all the loose ends. You can use the contact us form to communicate with us and let us know about any issues you may encounter on our website.

Over the past few weeks and months we have been working hard on updating our website both on the front end for you, our customer and under the hood. As you can see we have added a video to our home page and to our inner product pages. Please feel free to check out our video page, to see all the videos that we have on our website. Currently we have released only one video which you can see from every page on our site. We will be adding more video’s and we will let you know about it on store fixture blog.

Here is our first video.

Please let us know how we can improve our site and services.

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