Open Your Space with Gridwall

Whatever you need to create the store space of your dreams, at M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have the tools and the staff to ensure your creative vision becomes a reality.

This week, we’ve been talking about the many, many benefits of our gridwall. For instance, we offer two types of Gridwall Panel, the heart of any gridwall display. Our Gridwall Panel (Item P022) is constructed of heavy-duty ¼-inch diameter wire grid with an extremely sturdy three inches on the center square mesh. The vertical sides of our gridwall panels are also reinforced with double ¼-inch wire, making this panel choice superb for any product.

As strong as they are attractive, our gridwall  panels are wall or standard mountable and attach to grid legs or bases for freestanding displays.

If you prefer, our Slatgrid Panels (Item P026), are constructed with vertical wires that are six inches at the center with horizontal wires spaced 5/8-inch and 2-3/8-inch at the center.

Utilize both types to increase your display options and add visual complexity to your retail store. Remember, by maintaining unique, neat displays, you can keep your customers’ interest, which helps drive sales and traffic.

And, gridwall works wonderfully regardless of your retail space, be it a small area in a mall walkway or a large department store. This display option works as well with clothing, accessories, or gifts as it does with electronics, home décor items, or sporting goods. With our huge range of gridwall accessories, you can make your display everything you need whether you hang products on hooks or waterfalls or set items on shelves.

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