Our Cube Displays Are Seemingly Endless

Cube displays are so convenient because you can easily create your very own configurations—and recreate them again and again—to suit your design, store, and product needs, making every display unique to you and special to your customers. And, at M. Fried Store Fixtures, we can help you choose from a huge range of size options.

We’ve been discussing our glass cube line and, today, we have a few more options for you to consider. For instance, our Single Sided Glass Cubes with Closed Backs and Plastic Connectors come with safety glass panels, clear plastic connectors, and many cube sizes from which to choose. This kit enables you to create single sided glass cube displays that are constructed with a glass panel that covers the back of each cube, which comes in handy when you want to encourage one sided access and discourage products from slipping out the back. An optional base for this kit is also available.

The Double Sided Glass Cubes with Metal Connectors offer a similar option with metal connectors for a different look. This kit allows you to create double-sided glass cube displays that are easy to assemble and easy to reconfigure for changing display and sales needs. If you prefer, we also offer Double Sided Glass Cubes with Plastic Connectors.

For higher priced or special items, our Oval, Square, and Round Glass Cube Units are all fully accessible to the customer from all sides and are constructed with either brass or chrome; choose from two sizes. The Square option is constructed with a flat top and a separate base is available as an option.

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