Our Gallery Will Spark Ideas

Be sure to promote new items in their own displays that set products, even services, aside from the rest of your inventory so that customers understand that they are new, on sale, or in danger of being closed out. M. Fried Store Fixtures can help you find the perfect displayers that will beautifully showcase your products and separate specialty items out from the rest of your stock.

Need more ideas? Be sure to check our gallery of photos to see how other shop owners are using M. Fried Store Fixtures.

You can choose by store type or fixure type and you can even see our installation gallery for ideas on ways in which you can use M. Fried Store Fixtures in your store. Be sure to browse our galleries for a first-hand look at slatwall, gondola shelving, and showcases in real stores. Consider canopies, storage cabinets, and tiered tables all from the comfort of your computer and better understand how these products can work for you. See a full array of a variety of products set up in actual stores—apparel, candy, markets, books, jewelry, and many more—for even more ideas on how various items work seamlessly together.

Successful retailers understand that the best way in which to sell products and keep inventory moving—which increases bottom lines—is to use effective, attractive, well-placed displays that enhance the customers’ shopping experiences. With M. Fried Store Fixtures, you can easily create a comfortable shopping atmosphere that will have your customers returning time and time again.

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