Our Racks Are Great for Display, Storage, and Transport

If clothing is your business, then you know the importance of garment racks. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have a stunning array from which you can choose.

Browse our garment racks and systems for two- and four-arm racks, box and round racks, rolling racks, specialty racks, accessory display racks and rack accessories, and outrigging wall systems, which work great when you have an extra wall and need additional display space.

Rolling racks, although fully acceptable for the display store, are generally used for back-room storage and transport. Our Heavy Duty EZ Fold Rolling Rack (Item A9303) offers the convenience of easily folding flat in a matter of seconds. These racks are especially known for their uses at fashion and trade shows and for your external sales staff, who might need to show products outside of the store environment.

The Single Bar Rolling Rack (Item K43) handles normal loads well and is great for both transporting and selling. What’s more, this rack is height adjustable to 74 inches. The Heavy Duty Industrial Rolling Rack (Item R504) sports four casters for ease in moving heavier loads and is especially useful moving garments in between locations, such as between shops or between areas within your store. This product is known as the garment center workhorse.

The Collapsible Double-Rail Rolling Rack (Item RCS/3) is constructed with 48-inch long double hangrails that have two pull-out rods to increase hanging space. Adjustable to three convenient heights—55, 60, and 65 inches—this rack also includes protective rubber bumpers and clips for hangrail storage.

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