Our Showcases Are Not Just For Jewelry

At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have some of the most beautiful jewelry cases you’ll find anywhere, all of which are perfect choices for showcasing much more than just jewelry. Yesterday, we offered a variety of product options, but how about cosmetics, perfume and perfume bottles. You can even strew CDs and DVDs in these showcases, especially collector editions or hard-to-find or import items.

Our Jewelry Standard Showcases (P312) offer a comfortable viewing height of 38 inches with a generous glass display viewing area that is 20 inches deep and 12 inches high. Jewelry Corner Combination Showcases (P313) and Jewelry Outside Corner Showcases (P314), compatible with all Streamline Full Vision Showcases, finish the space. In the case of the Corner Showcases, sizes are indicated by the amount of square space is occupied. The Jewelry Inside Corner Showcases (P315) are also compatible with all Streamline Full Vision Showcase Shelving and matches with adjacent cases, while also allowing you to reverse configurations. As with the Outside Corner Showcase, sizes are indicated by the amount of square space occupied.

When you need to offer seating around your showcases, consider Jewelry Sit-Down Showcases (Item P318), which creates a comfortable environment in which you can discuss products with customers. While working especially well with jewelry items, don’t limit yourself to that with these attractive displayers with an overall height of 34 inches, as well as 18-inch wooden base pedestals and four-inch black kick bases. The glass display area is a generous 12 inches in height and 20 inches in depth, allowing you to show off many items in a protected space that highlights key pieces.

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