Our Showcases Show Off More Than Gems

The M. Fried Store Fixtures’ Basic Series of Showcases is a versatile way in which to show off your jewelry products and much, much more.

Some options are constructed with a tempered glass top that enables customers to see products from a number of vantage points; many have concealed rear storage that makes these showcases extremely convenient for store owners. The showcases in this particular line are available in various sizes and color options that include black, cherry, gray, maple and white with attractive mirrored or paneled doors that blend with all display themes.

This showcase series offers full vision, half vision, and jewelry showcases as well as merchandisers and corner merchandisers; wrap and corner fill-in counters; and three different register options: Register stands with flat and well tops, and a register/showcase combo. The outside corner showcases are constructed for use with the standard, basic showcases in the series and the base, display area, shelving, and storage match adjacent series cases.

Wall cases boast a taller size—84 inches in height (as well as a comfortable 18 inches in depth, and 48 inches in length, with a 12-inch base and a 9-inch crown)—and convenient sliding glass doors. Its five rows of 12-inch glass shelving display a wide range of products in an attractive, coordinated setting.

Trophy showcases are a little shorter with a height of 72 inches but with a 15-inch base and no crown. This showcase offers four rows of shelving and works as well for trophies as it does other products.

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