Paintable Slatwall Panels

Slatwall shelving is a common and attractive way to display merchandise. It is composed of a series of siding panels that install over your existing wall space. The natural or wood look panels then interface with different hangars and racks for a customizable solution for displaying stored goods.
While slatwall may be convenient and well supported by the industry, it isn’t always the most beautiful stuff. Meaning, it doesn’t match every store’s aesthetic. The general vinyl or wood look panels won’t work for every business, but that’s alright! The makers of slatwall paneling have foreseen this possibility and have been far sighted enough to offer paintable slatwall pieces.
The paintable slatwall pieces function EXACTLY like normal coated items, but feature a rough surface that can be easily painted to match your décor. This is especially useful for trendy boutiques that may need some pre-fabricated storage solutions but also need to keep their aesthetic in line.
When using paintable slatwall pieces be sure to pay extra care. Preperation will ensure a better finished product. Don’t let paint pool in the slats as it may cause your racks to jam. Using a coat of primer will also help the top coat adhere better.
We have the slatwall panles in stock, in our Brooklyn, NY warehouse.

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