Peg Your Gondola with Our Peg Hooks

M. Fried Store Fixtures offers the very best in gondola shelving. If you have or are considering gondola shelving, then you likely need peg accessories. When considering gondola shelving, be sure to take a look at our Peg Hooks.

Our Ball Tip Standard Pegboard Hooks (Item P113) are constructed with a bright zinc finish and are .148 inches in diameter with a ball tip end for added durability. The Ball Tip Heavy Duty Pegboard hooks (Item P114) are similarly constructed, but are .225 inches in diameter.

If you need heavy duty pegboard hooks, then you might want to take a look at our 2-Part Heavy Duty Pegboard Hooks (Item P115) which are constructed with a white plastic back and are made of .225 diameter wire with a ball end.

We also offer a variety of label holders. The 1-Part Standard Pegboard Scanning Hooks (Item P302) is a metal label holder with radius corners welded onto a hook and with a label plate that is 1 3/8 inches in height by 2 1/8 inches in depth and constructed with a .187-inch diameter wire and a bright zinc finish. The 1-Part Heavy Duty Pegboard Scanning Hooks (Item P303) offers the same dimensions and construction, but with a .225-inch diameter wire.

The FishTM Tip Medium Duty Scanning Hooks (P528) offer the metal FISHTM Tip plate that is welded to an upper arm for attachment of a separately sold label holder. This product is offered in a bright zinc finish; the FishTM Tip Heavy Duty Scanning Hook (Item AWFH11) accommodates heavier items. The FishTM Tip Scanning Hook Label holders (Item P529) lock onto the FISHTM Tip pegboard scanning hooks and are 2 ½ inches in width by 1 ¼ inches in height.

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