Picture This – Check Out How Bedding Works with Slatwall

Have you ever wondered what a finished store—created with the help of M. Fried Store Fixtures appliances and staff—looks like? Now, you can browse our growing gallery of photographs to see how your store can look.

Today, we are focusing on our stores by type gallery, looking specifically at a linen store. This particular mini gallery offers four unique views into how M. Fried store fixtures made the most space for the best display options.

Even better, it’s relatively simple to imagine how these displays can work well in your store. In this shot, we give you a broad view of how slatwall, shelving, and accessories work to display a huge assortment of hanging and folded items. And, here, you can see how slatwall and shelving work in a coved corner, creating clean lines and massive space options. Imagine how you could fill your shelves and slatwall and what you can hang in the unused areas, as well.

This merchandiser display works wonderfully in the alcove created in the prior picture and shows you how you can incorporate a number of coordinating display options in one space. Here is another view that shows some of our waterfall hangers and other slatwall accessories which are especially useful, as shown here on your store’s pillars or slatwall faceouts.

Although these photographs have highlighted a linen store, slatwall works with just about every product line. Picture this display setup with your products … toys, books, picture frames, kitchen accessories and products, clothing, accessories, technology products, gifts, candles, electronic … you name it, we can help you design a way in which to display it.

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