Preparing Your Store to Open

So you have the financing you needed to build a store and sell your goods to the public.  What is the next step?  You are going to need store fixtures to show off your wares as well as store them so every person who walks in through the front doors can take a good look at them.  You are going to need items like shelves, racks, displays and display cases, as well as signs you can hang both inside and outside of the store.
If your business specializes in selling produce and similar goods, you are going to need a lot of shopping carts for the dozens of customers who will be visiting you ever week or so.  If you are clothes retailer you will definitely need a lot of mannequins, forms, hangers, and racks to show off the latest designer names.
For superstores and/or pharmacies, you need adequate pharmacy shelving to store all of the important medication your customers are sure to need.  This means shelves that are easy to access, organize, and store away once the day is done.  They have to be spacious and pharmacists have to be able keep medicines separate from one another in an orderly manner.

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