Promotional Tables Have Many Uses

In our most recent post we discussed the benefits of our Square and Rectangular Multi-Level Tables. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we also offer E-Z Folding Promotional Tables.

Our E-Z Folding Promotional Tables (Item P078) are perfect for sale and overstocked items, and items highlighted in your store’s promotional programs. With its beautiful, modern design, these tables work in any décor and display theme and with just about any product line.

With casters included for easy mobility; the entire table folds for easy storage. Buy several and place them around your shop during sales and for displaying special items. Keep one or two near your register to showcase special pieces, smaller objects, and impulse items.

If you sell shoes, fill these with packets of shoelaces and comfort inserts. If you sell pet supplies, place packets of pet treats here, brushes, or leashes and collars. If you are a crafts store, use these for glue or hole punches. Bakeries can pre-package muffins, cookies, or bagels in convenient take-away packages, which reduce wait and ordering times.

Sale books, CDs, DVDs; vacuum bags; tumbler glasses; packaged teas and coffees; accessory bags; and wrapping paper and ribbons. Certainly, you sell smaller items, forgotten items, and sale items that will work here.

Yarn store sale items will find this table indispensable; fabric stores, remnants. Socks or stocking packages; gloves, and watch cap hats, all work well in these tables, which truly, can be used for virtually anything and are so very easy to set up that you will want to purchase several.

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