Protect Your Investment with Acrylic

Have you considered acrylic when redesigning your existing store or designing your new store? At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have a large array of choices in acrylic, which has many advantages when considering it for display options in retail environments.

For instance, acrylic is among the most durable of materials out there and M. Fried Store Fixtures acrylic display cases and stands assemble quickly and their light weight makes them easy to move. This is especially helpful if you change displays often (which is a benefit when you are seeking to draw customers in with changing product offerings).

With acrylic, you can rearrange your merchandise as often as you like without the physical stress of shifting heavy components, especially risers, which can be used to layer merchandise and draw interest to your products.

Also, did you know that because of its clarity, acrylic makes a space look larger and does not distract from your merchandise? You can actually use more displays in smaller spaces while avoiding a crowded look.

Attractive, eye-catching display surfaces will get your store noticed, will bring in foot traffic, and will keep customers shopping—activities every shop owner seeks. With our acrylic products, you will have wonderful displays that offer a clean, unobtrusive, cost-effective, and attractive alternative.

What’s more, at M. Fried Store Fixtures, our acrylic components offer shatterproof durability, easy maintenance, and UV treatment. Should a piece break—and that is rare—our acrylic breaks apart into large pieces, which means that your staff and customers are not injured with dangerous, projectile shards. And, many of our acrylic displayer options come with a lifetime guarantee, further protecting your investment.

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