Reach Your Customers with Signs and Displays

Communicating brand messages on signs works great if you are also creating effective retail displays. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we can help you with all aspects of your store’s displays and branding.

Great displays catch customer attention, while your retail signs will give your customers the information they need to shop in your store with confidence. Also, use signs to bring attention to your logo and company slogan, which will serve to consistently increase your brand recognition during your customers’ shopping experience and beyond.

Place special displays—items going on sale, being discontinued, or being introduced—in prime location areas in your store. Your retail space, your floor space, and your window space are wonderful areas in which to advertise and display and, if setup correctly, will give you a step up on your competition.

Place your best items in areas in which they will receive the best viewing. By positioning these items effectively, you can easily guide your customers throughout your store in ways that will want them to come back for repeat purchases.

Remember that your displays are the in-store visuals that show your products off and are the tools in which you can bring attention to special products that are new to the store, in danger of being closed out, or which are of a higher price margin and are deserving of a special spot and display in your store. Separating higher priced items and displaying them in key locations and in sophisticated ways enables you to easily justify their worth and their cost.

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