Revolver ‘s Penny Floor Mosaic

By Jennifer Diana

Love loose change or hate it, pennies are very much a part of our currency.  One store in Indiana wanted to do something different. First, they wanted to give local shoppers a destination to find the most stylish and fashionable shoes available. Second, they wanted to make their store was memorable.






So what is that creating such a unique copper texture?









Over 340,000 pennies, and 6 dimes to keep things interesting, are set in a penny floor mosaic tile pattern.











The entire floor was laid by hand by friends and family of the shop owners. They completed the task in one week’s time.









The oldest penny is from 1908. And they checked it’s still not worth more than a penny.





The floor is virtually a 100 year history of pennies.










According to calculations, all the pennies combined weigh in at approximately 2,000 lbs.






Check out all the different metals used as copper became more valuable than the penny itself.

1908 – 1942: 95% Copper  5% Zinc & Tin
1943: Steel with Zinc Coating
1944 – 1982: 95% Copper  5% Zinc & Tin
1982 – present: 97.5% Zinc with 2.5% Copper Plating



What do you think? Anything you’d like to cover in pennies?

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