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I’ve designed a good many retail shops during my career, lots of clothing, women’s, men’s, children’s even dog apparel but Revzilla holds a unique place in my repertoire. Rev is a retailer of motorcycle attire and accessories. Back in 2004 two young men came to me with a request to build them a showroom for their primarily online business. They had no grand illusions of the sales that a brick and mortar showroom would generate, in fact it was more from the necessity to lend legitimacy [and photos] to their online site.

Low keyed interior


I was more excited about the store than they were, I really liked the product and it was a category I had never dealt with. Needless to say the budget was small and the space was large [what else is new?].  Almost  4 thousand sq. ft. I had decided from the start that I would not take the “expected” route to concieve a decor and fixture theme.  No barbed wire or any of the stereotyped “Cycle gang” visuals. Due to the more European nature of their products I opted for a minimal ‘no-nonsense” look. The display “Wow” would be large branding photos and the use of real motorcycles.  The perimeter system consists of rectangular brushed chrome hardware coupled with recess standards mounted within comp. board panels.  The panels form rectangular hanging ‘departments” along the  interior walls.

Brush rectangular hardware with recess standards

The restraint employed in the inception of the showroom has proven to be invaluble . The showroom traffic has increased steadily over the past four years. The increased sales have resulted in funds diverted to an upgrading in the showroom fixtures, “Less leads to More”  double cash wraps and a new helmet display wall are now in the planning stage.

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