Satisfy the Impulse Craving

At M. Fried Store Fixtures we have just what you need to spruce up your counter top displays. Used in spaces that are more limited, these displays work great for prompting impulse purchases, especially when strategically placed by cash registers, check out areas, and entrances.

Counter top displays are also a good way to reduce excess stock, promote sale items, or push out-of-season or end-of-season items. These types of displays also work very well on tabletops and other areas in which your space is limited.

With the holidays approaching, consider placing smaller stock items, bulk items, and less expensive items in counter top displays near the cash register for those shoppers who might not realize that they need these purchases until they have completed their other, larger purchases. Stocking stuffers tend to get bought in these types of displays, so be sure to stock your store with stocking stuffer-like displays during the time of year when these items are purchased in earnest.

Look at your stock and see what products fit into this category. This time of year, especially as we continue to wade through the economic downturn, customers are looking for inexpensive solutions to all of those extra purchases that we all tend to need at the last minute. Scarves, gloves, cosmetics, small notepaper packets, pet treats, ornaments, candles, decorative soaps, mugs, pocket mirrors, cell phone cases, small sports equipment, miniature perfume are options. How about wine glass, purse, or cell phone charms? Socks, key chains, and sunglasses are other items to consider.

Take a look around your store and see how you can make a drab display into an impulse purchase and watch your profits grow.

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