Say it with Bags

Yesterday, we talked about shopping carts. If you have baskets, don’t forget Basket Stands. At M. Fried Store Fixtures we offer chrome shopping basket holders in both the Jumbo Shopping Basket Stand (JSBSTAND) option and the Regular Shopping Basket Stand Option (RSBSTAND). You can also help guide your customers to your baskets with a Sign for Shopping Basket Stands (SBSIGN). These white signs are imprinted with red lettering that says “For Your Shopping Convenience – Use A Basket.” This stand fits both basket sizes and encourages easier customer shopping.

Another necessity in any store is Packaging, including bags. We offer you a huge variety from among Plastic Shopping Bags, Thank You Bags, and Paper Shopping Bags. We can provide you with High Density Plastic Bags with Patch Handles (Item P199) that are constructed with die-cut handles and are durably made to resist tearing. You can speak to us, toll-free, at 1.877.544.2999 to discuss the many sizes and colors available. Even better, these bags are delivered to you in a space-saving dispenser box. If you prefer, we offer a smaller High Density Plastic Bag (P200) version that works well for smaller items and items that do not require a handled bag. These are also packaged in a space-saving dispenser box.

Plastic “T-Shirt” Bags (P202) come in a wide array of sizes in both white and black. This popular bag is conservatively priced and is as strong as it is popular. The Strong Patch Handle Plastic Bag (Item P497) is an all-purpose shopping bag with double reinforced welded handles and is constructed of 2 mil. thick plastic in an array of sizes and colors.

Keep an eye out tomorrow for more bag options!

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