Secure Your Store This Holiday Season

With the increased—and welcome—foot traffic that the holidays bring, you might want to consider some increased security for your store locations. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have just what you need to meet any budget and any size store.

Times are tough and, regrettably, some people may enter your store with stickier fingers than normal during the current economic downturn. Why not be prepared for any eventuality by outfitting your store with some simple security measures, giving you that extra pair of eyes that can be so helpful while you are busy handling increased customers, browsers, and sales.

For instance, in addition to an array of the cameras and the simulated surveillance devices we offer, we also have a range of security mirrors, hard tags, labels, entry alerts, and currency controls. If apparel is your specialty, take a look at our fitting room checks.

Our entry alerts (Item EM400) not only let you know every time a customer exits and enters your establishment, they work great on those areas where you don’t want customer’s entering without your knowledge or without staff. Light sensitive and motion activated, these alerts sense up to 15 feet and require no wiring, making them especially easy to install. If you’d prefer, we also offer a separately-sold AC adapter (Item EM500) made specifically for these devices.

Entry alerts not only offer an efficient way in which to monitor areas, they also alert you to people entering if you need to work away from your entrances, ensuring that customers are never wandering in your shop and looking for help.

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