Sell by Teaching

Use your signs to promote your brand and to talk to your customers. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we offer a huge array of signs, banners, and pennants to help you get your message to your customers.

With a few simple and well-placed signs, you can draw attention to specific items, features, benefits, and events. Determine your brand and keep it simple and consistent. Your brand is your image and you want to ensure that your customers leave and return carrying a positive and enduring image of your store and your products. Signage is just one way in which to develop and maintain a brand.

Use your signage to not only reinforce a brand, but to showcase a particular item, product line, or event. Pennants outside your store can separate your shop from others in the area, signs outside of your location can tell customers about sales, close-outs, and other special events. In-shop signs can point to product benefits and to a particular item or items you are looking to promote.

Let customers know about discontinued products, sale items, and new merchandise with signage placed around your store. We have signage for gridwall and slatwall displays; signs that can be placed out-of-doors and meant to withstand the elements; and sign displays that are created to hold various types of literature, such as tri-fold brochures or full-page flyers, to name just some.

In collaboration with meaningful displays, you can create and establish a brand that will work through time and that will separate you and rise your store above your competition.

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