Sell Yourself with Signs

Holiday sales are known to drive high traffic and increased sales. Do you have sufficient signage to announce these sales? To pass critical information to browsers and customers? Take a look at all of the signs and promotions products M. Fried Store Fixtures has to offer you during this holiday season and all through the year.

If you have slatwall or gridwall, consider the signage options especially made for these fixture types. Attractive and unobtrusive because they are meant to work with your slatwall and gridwall these sign holders get your message across without obstructing your merchandise. Purchase several in several sizes—many options are available—and scatter them throughout your displays to ensure that your customers and prospective customers are always getting your message.

With so much technology and so many ways in which customers can be reached today, why not consider the tried and true methods, such as ensuring your branding and marketing messages and other basic sales and product information is visible throughout your store?

We also offer bulletin sign holders in a range of options that include double, triple, deluxe, and chrome sign holders; construction options such as base type and even a folding easel option; and literature holders for stands. This options is especially useful when you want to give your customers an idea of what is going on inside your store or to announce future events.

Use a number of different signs and incorporate banners to get all your messaging across. Our signs are a great and inexpensive way to communicate to your customers as they are walking by, window shopping, or browsing inside.

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