Separate from the Pack

When you are hoping your customers will accept higher price points, when you are seeking to move merchandise, or when you are simply looking to speak to your customers, consider enhancing your marketing and advertising efforts with signs from M. Fried Store Fixtures.

Utilize signs with displayers to draw attention to specific store areas and products. For instance, use our dump bins at your registers to provoke impulse purchases and augment this with in-store marketing in the way of signage pointing to the bin.

If your store has been outfitted with slatwall or gridwall, consider signs specifically made for these store fixtures and announce special pricing, close-out items, new products, sales, and items that are moving quickly and in danger of being sold out. Even include mini testimonials describing an item’s success.

If you use stand alone floor displays, add a sign to describe the products and any sales you might be offering with the items displayed there. Bear in mind, if your products are displayed with a sense of distinction, higher price points are likelier to be accepted by customers.

Consider taking one of your product lines’ key brands and segregating it from other items in your shop, creating its own display with signage. By separating this item or line, you draw attention to it and create an air of exclusivity around the product, which can help to drive sales and to drive higher dollar sales. Selling in this fashion can also help to improve your store’s impression with your existing customers and with new customers or passersby.

Take a look at our showcases, towers, tables, and cube units when looking to create individualized displays that are intentionally set apart from your store’s other merchandise.

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