Shed Light, Increase Sales

With appropriate Lighting Fixtures, retail stores can better reach their customers and prospective customers, increasing sales and bottom lines. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we offer Clamp-On Light Fixtures to help you shed light on your products and your store.

The Clamp-On Light Fixture (Item Number P470) is a flexible gooseneck light that is constructed to spotlight a specific product or line of products. This durable light operates with an easy plastic switch and with a clip that opens wide to attach almost anywhere, enabling you to highlight a variety of views from a variety of positions.

Experts say that retail shops should use lighting as a significant way in which to reach customers. For instance, customers can experience increased attraction to products when those products are lit, separating them from other merchandise and pointing out sales, close-out items, and new lines.

Also, consider gemstones, which sell better when displayed with light that bounces off facets and precious metals or high-tech, shiny appliances. China, glassware, and silver fare better when light bounces and the items reflect enticingly. Also, impulse purchases—often a huge percentage of a shop’s income—are likelier when products and signage pointing to those products can be clearly seen.

Consumers should be able to see their prospective purchases, so be sure to help your customers see exactly what they are purchasing and set yourself apart from your competition with honest, accurate displays. Lighting helps create a mood of transparency, which engenders a feeling of trust, and which can lead to customers experiencing a need for the items being highlighted.

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