Shelve it With Wire

Slatwall displayers offer a wonderful vehicle for showing off products in a huge variety of ways. So far, we have introduced you to our many slatwall panel options, our convenient merchandiser, and an array of acrylic shelving options.

For a different look for your Slatwall Panels and Merchandisers, take a look at our Slatwall Wire Shelves. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have a number of options that work with all of our Slatwall products. These shelves can take a beating, work with many design options, and enable display of many different product types.

Slatwall Flat Shelves (Item P409) are a flat-shelf option constructed with one-inch wire spacing, a five-gauge wire frame, and a generous size: 24-inches in width by 12 inches in depth.

Slat Sloping Wire Shelves (Item P460) offer a comfortable three-inch sloping angle and a convenient three-inch lip that prevents items from sliding off of its larger 24-inch wide by 14-inch deep surface area.

Slat Straight Shelves (Item P461) are a flat shelf with a two-inch grid pattern that is constructed of durable five-gauge wire and seven-gauge cross wires. This shelf is offered in a larger 24-inches in width by 14 inches in depth and can manage smaller items with its grid construction.

The Slanted Video Cassette Shelves (Item P048) work great for videos, but also easily holds CDs, DVDs, software, books, and other smaller accessories and smaller items. An added benefit, this shelf provides an appropriate viewing angle and a six-inch high by six-inch deep area.

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