Show Off Your Holiday Wares with M. Fried Store Fixtures Acrylic Displays

Last week, we wrote about the many acrylic display possibilities available from M. Fried Store Fixtures. This week, we would like to discuss the benefits of using acrylic in your store displays, especially during this holiday season.

While all of the M. Fried Store Fixtures displayers are of the highest quality and meant to enhance the selling floor, our acrylic displayers offer a number of unique benefits that will come in handy in the coming weeks.

This season’s holiday shopping experience is considered by many to be especially critical given the financial downturn that has affected so many consumers. Consider acrylic with its clean look and how easy it is on your wallet.

Acrylic offers a pleasant appearance that enhances any product from cell phones, to shoes, to apparel to DVDs. Display your products while also highlighting holiday decorations. With its shatterproof durability and UV protection, your products really stand out and are especially protected from the Sun’s rays. Acrylic is easy to maintain, easy to polish and keep clean, and easy—should an accident occur—to repair.

Because our acrylic displayers, in particular, are light weight, you can move them around and change floor, counter, and window displays with little or no effort, a very special benefit when many stores are moving merchandise displays to accommodate increased and repeat traffic in the coming weeks. Acrylic displayers are not only easy to move, they are easy to assemble and can be used in so many ways.

Adding decorative holiday touches to acrylics’ decorative surfaces can really draw your customers to all that you have to offer this season, and reflective surfaces, such as what is offered with M. Fried Store Fixtures acrylic displayers can really make your store shine this season.

If you sell it, M. Fried Store Fixtures can help you sell it.

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