Show Off Your Wares

No matter how your taste or budget runs, from economical to extraordinary, at M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have the perfect showcase for you.

Choose one displayer or create a larger theme in your store. Whatever you decide, we have the showcase for you and we can help you stay within budget with showcases in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Light up your showcase, or opt for natural lighting. Choose from a number of different lines, towers, acrylic cases, and economy showcasers with full, extra, and half vision options; wall mounts, aisle cases, and countertop cases; pedestal, tower, and trophy style cases; wrap and corner counters and register stands, to name just a few.

Display solutions can dramatically increase product sales and, given that most consumers make their purchase choices at the point of purchase, retail displays are critical to your sales. But, because today’s consumers are bombarded with seemingly endless product information and sales advertisements, be sure to install effective solutions that will set you apart from your competition.

Showcases can help you achieve this, especially if you sell smaller items such as accessories, jewelry, electronics, and cosmetics, for example. Showcases also look attractive when paired with other displays, such as gondolas, gridwall, and slatwall. Display clothing on the retail floor and display accessories in showcases. Pocketbooks can be displayed on waterfalls and wallets, key chains, and purse charms can be kept in lit showcases that highlight the products’ general sheen. And, consider how attractive today’s smaller high-tech electronics look when displayed under light, behind glass, and in a mirrored environment.

Catch your customers attention with our showcases and make your sales.

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