Showcase It

Showcases have long been known as a wonderful way in which to display jewelry. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have all the showcase solutions needed to best display your store’s products, even if jewelry is not your mainstay.

Consider your product lines and look at what would work well in a showcase where your items can be lighted and protected. By displaying your goods in this way—with light and glass—you provide a level of importance to your products, which makes customers better able to accept price points, a needed benefit in these confusing and challenging economic times.

What’s more, we offer several series in a variety of materials and in an array of price points that will suit your budget and instantly improve the look of your products.

Our most popular series of showcase options is the Streamline Series. Attractive, easily complimenting any décor, and available in a large range of choices, including the Extra Vision, Full Vision, and Half Vision. We also offer jewelry, trophy, and wall cases as well as display towers, pedestal cases, and corner stands. But, there’s more, we also offer countertop, wall mount, and aisle cases and wrap counters, register stands, and corner counters. Choose one or an entire arrangement.

As you can see, no matter what you sell, you can probably showcase it. China looks especially beautiful in these cases, as do all other tableware and small kitchen appliances. Collectables—dolls, baseball cards, ephemera, pens, antiques, objects d’art, picture frames, minerals and gems, scarves, sunglasses, vases, candles, books, cameras, cell phones. The choices truly are only limited by your imagination.

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