Showcase Your Stuff

At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have a large array of showcases from which you can choose to display not only jewelry, but other fine, smaller, or specialty items.

Our Streamline Series is our most popular with a huge array of options that include corner counters and cases, wrap counters and pedestal cases, even register stands. We also offer trophy cases and display towers; jewelry and wall cases; and countertop, wall mount, and aisle cases. With all of these options, we are confident that you will easily be able to display many of your products in secure, attractive environments and in any area of your store such as corners and aisles.

Our display towers, pedestal cases, and corner cases are perfect for displaying a smaller line, a specialty line, or any products to which you would like to draw and drive customer attention. For instance, new products, a new brand, sale items, close-outs, or even more valuable items that need to be set apart from the rest of your store’s items work very well in these pieces. What’s more, these pieces can be strategically placed throughout your store and work nicely to showcase items from all items without the worry of damage or theft.

If all of your products require showcasing or just look better in showcases—think of how jewelry stores and stores that sell small technological items such as cell phones—take a look at the extra vision, full vision, and half vision options that can be used in collaboration with the many other cases in this line.

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