Sign Stands Create Interest

Yesterday we talked about a number of ways in which to use sign holders to display your in-store messaging with M. Fried Store Fixtures array of sign holders. Today, we would like to talk to you about some of our other, more creative holder options that will also help you to enhance your advertising plan with eye-catching options that work well together and with all of M. Fried Store Fixtures’ sign options.

Take, for instance, our Folding Easel Stand (Item BH80SC), which is a visible 60 inches in height with 18-inch deep base legs. This easel comes in an attractive satin finish and an attractive ultra modern design. Use this easel in an empty space to enable your customers to read your messaging as they walk through your shop.

If you offer brochures, pamphlets, flyers, and other paper promotional items, then our Literature Holder for Bulletin Stands (Item WSB2) is perfect for your store. At 18 inches in width by 18 inches in height by 11 inches in depth, this stand fits almost anywhere and enables you to continue to add to your store’s marketing and advertising plan by providing your customers with important take-away information.

Our Signicade Sign Stand (Item ML130W) is constructed of lightweight plastic and is constructed with a regressed sign area that protects sign faces. This versatile stand holds a 24-inch wide by 36-inch high sign and holds vinyl sheeting—with surface preparation—metal, or plastic sign blanks.

Windsign ll (Item ML1810) is another in our plastic frame line of sign stands. This option eliminates torn miters and jammed latches and will not rust or splinter. This stand also offers a “quick change” feature allows sign blanks to be changed in seconds and displays two 24-inch wide by 36-inch high signs per unit.

Finally, the SimpoSign ll (Item ML1220), alse made of plastic, offers a White Granite effect and will not rust, splinter, or discolor and requires no maintenance. The Quick Change feature enables sign blanks to be changed in seconds and blanks quickly slide in and out and stay securely in place.

Be sure to buy a few of our sign stand options and place them around your store to keep customers involved in their shopping experience.

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