Simple Solutions Create Big Results

Lighting is not just about creating a mood or showing off merchandise, you can use the lighting offered at M. Fried Store Fixtures to light your way.

Our Clamp-On Light Fixture (Item P470) is a flexible gooseneck light that is adjustable to spotlight a specific line of products. With a durable and easy plastic switch and a clip that opens wide to easily attach nearly anywhere, you can not only light up many areas, you can change lit-up areas easily and quickly and as often as you like.

Lighting such as this—task lighting—is also effective when you are looking to draw your customers’ attention to a particular location (or locations) in your store. Use lighting to highlight sales or to point to close-out signage or to new items that have just arrived in your store.

And, remember, when it comes to signage, at M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have everything you need for any announcement imaginable. From pennants, to slatwall and gridwall signs, to neon and LED signs, to signs that change to bulletin signs—and many more options—we have what you need to draw customers in from the outside and to keep their interest once inside.

You can also use task lighting near check-out areas to better help your staff look at the money they receive. Working with the Counterfeit Detector Pen (Item 3513B), your store need never take in another counterfeit bill. These pens, an inexpensive and simple Currency Control device, enable you determine a bill’s validity with a simple swipe of the pen across a bill. If the bell is genuine, the pen will reveal amber ink. Counterfeit bills create a dark brown or black ink when swiped.

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