Slat Brackets are the First Step to Great Shelving

There is much to be said about the benefits of Slatwall. It’s easy to set-up, comes in a wide range of colors and styles, and is easy to move. What’s more, you can set these brackets up with our many different types of shelves, allowing you to really showcase your product displays.

Also, at M. Fried Store Fixtures, we are here to walk you through the entire process from choice to sales and beyond. We can help you to outfit your slatwall in the best way possible to suit your business and drive in sales and customers. Something your competition is surely working on.

M. Fried Store Fixtures offers both slatwall panel and slatwall merchandiser display options to suit a wide array of store design needs, and all of these options work wonderfully with our large line of slatwall shelves and Slat Shelf Brackets.

Slatwall Shelf Brackets (Item P009) are constructed with a lip that provides better shelf support. These brackets are designed to work with bullnose plastic shelves, glass shelves, and wood and melamine shelves. Keep an eye here for descriptions of our many other slatwall choices. These brackets hook easily onto slatwall and are just as easy to rearrange.

Stay tuned later for more information on this bracket line and remember, you can mix and match shelving or incorporate different types of display choices because of the universal nature of our slatwall. This many options ensure that you can make your store a one-of-a-kind experience that will set you apart from your competition.

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