Slatwall Adds Variety to Your Displays

This week, here at M. Fried Store Fixtures, we’ve been following up on our blogs about slatwall by showing off some of our recent gallery of photographs entries. To end off the week, here is some more information that showcases our slatwall products with pictures of real stores, just like yours.

For instance, in this shot from our book and Judaica gallery, not only can you see slatwall at work, but you can see a variety of slatwall options including shelves, bins, and hanging accessories, clearly indicating that, no matter what your product line, slatwall enables you to display virtually anything in eye-catching, clutter-free ways. And this photograph shows how varying display options can work beautifully together to show many different products in ways that highlight what you sell.

Look at how you can cleverly showcase books and framed items in pleasing ways that evoke a quaint sense of comfort, which will help your customers better picture your products in their home. Here is another way in which the convenience and diversity of our displayers can be seen. Shelves easily move to accommodate your products and allow your customers to better see your merchandise. A benefit to any storeowner.

You can easily show-off aisles and aisles of merchandise in airy, comfortable displays that enable customer foot-traffic, which makes browsing—and ultimately purchasing—a simple process for your clientele.

We will continue to show you examples with our gallery of pictures, but do take a moment to browse the many pictures currently on our homepage to help spark your creativity, whether you are opening your first shop or renovating a shop you’ve been running for years. And, remember, we are here to help you through the planning process. Just give us a call at 1-800-996-0019.

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