Slatwall and Slatgrid are Durable and Convenient

Lately, we’ve been showing you the benefits of M. Fried Store Fixtures’ slatwall and slatgrid. These panels and merchandisers are easy to setup and move, they accept a huge array of accessories, and they work well in small stores and boutiques as well as large department stores. Slatwall and slatgrid coordinate with any décor and are particularly well suited for trade shows, booth displays, mall aisle shops and any occasion or locale in which a display is needed.

The Slatgrid Merchandiser (Item P468) comes with one two-foot by six-foot slatgrid panel and two “T” grid legs, which offers a unique merchandiser choice when using our slatgrid paneling. The Single Grid Merchandisers (P469) are provided to you with one two-foot by six-foot grid panel and two “T” grid legs. Both of these grid merchandisers easily work well with brackets, waterfalls, baskets, and hangrails, for example, to mix and match grid display choices in a small space that really enhances your display floor.

Grid paneling is a perfect accompaniment with our gridwall and slatgrid merchandisers and can be easily customized with our line of Panel Hardware.

Grid Joiner Clips (Item P023) connect two grid panels in either a straight position or at any angled position. Our Grid 90°Joining Clips (Item P024) connect two grid panels at a 90-degree angle. Wall Mount Brackets (Item P025) are used to hang grid panels directly onto the wall and allow the grid panel to project a safe two inches from the wall. This offers a very unique way in which to use your wall space, both on the floor and in window displays, to expand your display area, and to highlight items.

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