Slatwall Serves Many Specialties

If you sell athletic supplies, please take a look at our Slatwall Sports Displays, specifically our Slatwall Ball Displays (Item P230), which enable you to showcase an array of balls, including soccer, volley, and basketballs.

If you also sell sports apparel, consider displaying apparel by sport amid the balls that coordinate with that sport to create a themed display and to also provide customers with a one-stop shopping area in your store.

Here, you will also find M. Fried Store Fixtures’ Slatwall Racquet Racks (P231), which help you manage your rackets with sturdy “U” wires. By keeping an area of your slatwall concentrated on racquetball, tennis, and badmitton, you can drive interest to those sports, increasing sales in that area. Attach some basket and bin displayers here and toss in smaller items related to the sport—gloves, tennis balls, shoe laces, for instance—and increase shopper convenience.

When it comes to Slat Shoe Displays, we have all you need with our Slat Kids’ Shoe Shelf (Item ID823); Slat Shoe Shelf with Sign Holder (Item ID850), which also holds a sign up to one-inch by 10 inches in width; Slatwall Shoe Displays (Item P242), which works well for both men’s and women’s shoes; Slatwall Shoe Rack (Item RWM642), which is 42 inches in width and holds up to 14 shoes per shelf; and our Slat Shoe Shelf (Item SW410S). Buy a few of each, scatter them throughout your slatwall displays, and really drive interest. Separate one key shoe from a collection and place that one special item on a single displayer among various racks to highlight sale or new items or shoes on which quantity is decreasing. The interests will serve to increase sales.

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