Slatwell Displays Work In So Many Ways

M. Fried’s Store Fixtures’ slatwell line is a wonderful option when considering your store’s display plans. Regardless of what you sell, slatwall always offers great choices that enable clean display lines and the ability to maximize space in clutter-free, eye-catching ways.

Whether you are a small storefront or a large, franchised operation, our staff is available to assist you in outfitting your store quickly, effectively, and with top-quality products that are delivered on time and on budget. Always.

And, now that we are offering free pricing quotes, we can really help you plan out your store fixtures to ensure your store’s needs and your customers’ needs are met. Call one of knowledgeable representatives toll-free at 1-877-544-2999. They will help you develop display plans that work within your budget and your time frame and that help showcase your store’s items in the best way possible and in ways that reflect your store’s unique personality.

M. Fried Store Fixtures has long been synonymous with superb quality and service; competitive pricing; and quick, on-time delivery. In business since 1991 and with a combined 150 years of industry experience, M. Fried Fixtures is easily able to ensure you receive the best slatwall display for your products and your store. Remember, effective displays help to increase traffic, which drives sales.

Hang clothes or display folded clothing. Display shoes, athletic wear, toys, china and housewares, decorative items, books, craft items, pet supplies, cosmetics and pharmaceutical supplies. If you sell it, we can help you display it.

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