Slide Into Business with the Correct Message

This month we’ve been talking about all of the sign options offered by M. Fried Store Fixtures. Today we’d like to get back to the basics of signs every business should have. Open and Closed Signs are an important necessity for businesses today. One of the first things customers and prospective customers look for is your open/closed signage; the next is your hours of operation. Be sure to be effectively communicating these easy-to-provide details with eye-catching signs.

Our Sliding Open/Closed Message Board moves up and down and accepts a whopping eight lines of information, which can include anything you’d like to tell your customers. May we suggest this space for your hours of operation, vacation scheduling, even sales and promotional events. You choose what you want to say with the included in easy-to-read red and black lettering. And, our Sliding Open/Closed Signboards are large, customizable, and easy to hang with included suction cups for your windows. This signboard comes with a 360-character kit for messaging.

Our Horizontal Open/Closed Message Board is similar to our Sliding Open/Closed Message Board in that you can slide the messaging to expose either the word “Open” or “Closed” to indicate your store’s status, but this product enables you to work the slide from side-to-side.

For messaging that requires change from time-to-time, these sliding signs work great. M. Fried’s Sliding Open/Closed Signs are high-impact and enable you to provide critical information to your established client base as well as to those customers walking by and window shopping. And, with our free quote system (call us toll-free at 1-877-544-2999) you can learn about how shop in quantity for less—a must if you own more than one store—or you can ask about other products that will help you run your business smarter.

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