Small Signs Can Make A Big Difference

Sometimes less is more, and this can be true with messaging. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we offer an enormous array of signage options for you that will better enable you to speak to your customers before they enter your establishment and while they’re browsing and shopping.

If you’ve been following our blog for the past two weeks, you know exactly how expansive our sign offerings are and today, we’d like to tell you about our Countertop Signs, which are a great addition to any shop’s marketing and advertising plan and offer your clientele customized information in smaller areas within your store.

For instance, our Plex Sign Holders come in a bottom loading (Item P087) version that is made of 1/8-inch flame polished plex or a slanted (Item P089) version that offers tilted visibility on one side. Use these throughout your shop on tables and countertops and make sure to keep one with last minute specials information by the cash register.

If you want to offer a raised view to create interest, be sure to set up a couple of signs with our Chrome Countertop Sign Stands (Item P090) which are outfitted with mitered corners; four-inch high stems; and nonscratch, felt padded bases. Our Crystal Image Sign Holders with Bases (Item P091) are perfect for single- or double-sided viewing on any countertop and are made of state-of-the-art engineering resin on a chrome base, which is perfect for nearly every style and décor.

Plexi Sign Stands with Chrome Trim (P094) offer another viewpoint with their four-inch stems and are constructed with 3-1/2-inch by  5-inch felt padded bases to protect your countertops.

Finally, our Counter Clip Sign Holders (Item P583) offers an attractive modern European look and is constructed of steel and with a satin nicel finish. This sign stand is also constructed with a rod that stands on a six-inch square base.

Buy a couple of each and scatter them around your store. They make a great addition to your marketing plan and enable  you to continue your messaging in a variety of ways.

Remember, you can always call us for free quotes or information at our toll-free number at 1-877-544-2999.

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