Specialty Displayers Are Our Specialty

Every store has its specialty and yours is likely no different. Regardless of what specialty items you offer, M. Fried Store Fixtures has just what you need to display your products on slatwall paneling and merchandisers.

Take a moment to look at our Slat Accessory Displays, there you will find an assortment of Slat Audio and Video Displays that allow you to show your  CDs, DVDs, videos, cassettes, software, and other accessories. In this section you will find racks (P232), angled displayers (P433), and shelves (P048).

Slat Garment Displays include the Slatwall Foam Head Holder (SHHC) and the Slat Handbag Displays include the Slatwall 5-Hook Straighout – Rectangular Tubing (WH5H), which has slatwall attachments that help maintain clothes in a stylish manner. This displayer can also be used for waterfalls that hold hanging handbags and other strapped items or hanging or packaged goods. The five hooks enable you to better organize your displayed items, making them easy to accessile. The rectangular tubing provides a modern, upscale look.

Our final slatwall displayer items for this week include the Slat Hat and Cap Displays. Here, you will find a range of displayers for both hats and caps, such as the Foam Pad for Single Hat Displays (FPMC) that help you to keep your hats stable and straight. The Slatwall Multiple Cap Shelf (JI408285), which holds six-to-eight caps, and the Slatwall Multiple Cap Racks (P228), which holds up to 10 caps are great when displaying a range of caps.

We also offer two Slatwall Single Hat Displays (P226 and P227); P227 is recommended for helmets, baseball caps, and sun hats. And, the Slatwall Cap Shelf (RWVWS4), which is colorful and durable, and can hold an impressive 60-to-72 sports caps per shelf. Display your entire selection with just a couple of shelves!

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