Spice Up Your Store with Gondola Shelving

We recently announced the M. Fried Store Fixtures enhanced gondola quote system and, now, would like to help you figure out what shelving would work best for you.

Opening a store, adding a new store, revamping an existing store—these are all wonderful and exciting enterprises for any entrepreneur. But, the work involved can seem daunting. Let us help you. You have a store to run.

Shelving and appropriate use of space are among the most critical components of a successful shop. Storeowners need to find the correct balance between displaying sufficient product while not cramping store space. Gondola shelving could be the answer you have been searching for.

Whether a long-established business or the new kid on the block, M. Fried Store Fixtures likely has the gondola shelving to suit your needs and to better enable you to expand and enhance your customers’ shopping experience. Our shelving is universal, adaptable, and incredibly easy to install and move around. Even better, we offer a vast array of shelving types available that can suit any need no matter what you sell. If you sell cosmetics, art supplies, food products, clothing, crafts, antiques … you name it, gondola shelving can work for you!

Add components such as baskets, vary heights and colors, change your set-up with seasons or holidays, and you can instantly increase traffic and maintain customer interest.

Not sure what shelving works for you? Contact one of our gondola shelving experts or take advantage of our brand new quote page. It only takes a moment to submit a quote—and you can submit as many as you like—and there is absolutely no cost to you.

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