Standard Digital Money Counter & Coin Sorter (Time & Sanity Savers)

standard-digital-money-counterDigital Money Counters and Coin Sorters are an inexpensive, highly effective, time saving (and sanity saving) “must have” for any business or individual that handles cash/change on a consistent basis.

Digital Money Counters and Coin Sorters count and sort mixed coins, helping avoid human counting errors as well as making the end of the work day smoother and quicker.

Product Description

  • Automatically sorts coins directly into wrappers, allowing coin tubes to be lifted out easily for simple operation. (If you’ve ever had to mess with doing this manually, then you can truly appreciate this feature).
  • Digital readout displays amount and dollar value of sorted coins.
  • Insert up to 400 coins at a time in the collection opening with a two row wrapper. Sorts and counts 312 a minute.
  • Precise internal sorting design and anti-jamming device allows all coins to be counted accurately.
  • Convenient size, designed not to take up too much space (7” wide x 11.5” deep x 10” high)

With the time you can save using a Money Counter, you can even save money on hourly employees because they can clock out sooner. One must also not forget that Money Counters can be a tax deduction for business owners. Digital Money Counters and Coin Sorters are well worth the investment.

Click here to see and/or purchase our Standard Digital Counter and Coin Sorter, as well as other options you may find very useful.

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