Store Fixtures for Auto Parts Stores

Every business has different needs. That is something we recognize at M. Fried. Not everyone will flourish with the same plan, as such we need to be versatile in the store fixtures that we offer. If you are a specialty store owner you can rejoice, we probably have a display solution for you.

Auto parts stores are one such specialty merchant that we provide for. Our extensive catalog of store fixtures includes an entire section of racks and hangers just for the challenges presented by outfitting an auto parts store.

One of the most difficult things to store and display properly is wheels and tires. They are large, bulky and the rubber tire can easily soil anything it touches. The solution to this problem is a specialized tire and wheel rack fixture. These racks and displays come in a variety of sizes and styles and are perfect for showing customers the fine details of a particular wheel or tire set.

Because auto wheels are relatively fragile and easily damaged we also have specialized, very secure wheel and tire brackets available to safely display your wheels and tires. You will be surprised at how much of a difference a compact wheel display system will make!

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